Fractal Efficiency: Toward a Better Quantitative Analysis of Trend

Fractal Efficiency

Wherein determinants, critical points, holomorphics, volatility, and derivatives of such, produce predictive matrices from which intermediate & long-term directionality may be determined with a high level of confidence.

Fractal Efficiency is time-frame agnostic and has been rigorously tested in our family office with the following products: Futures, Equities

Upon purchase, a lower study (vFractal_Efficiency.ts), a companion upper study (vFractal_Efficiency_Upper.ts) and the Fractal Efficiency Strategy (vFractal_Efficiency_Strategy.ts — Sample Results Below) will be promptly emailed to you in a .zip file.

How to Import Your Fractal Efficiency Source Files Into ThinkOrSwim

After you unzip the downloaded files, go to ThinkOrSwim Charts and click Studies > Edit Studies. In the new window, make sure you’re on the right tab for either Studies or Strategies, then click “Import” below. In the next window, navigate to the file on your hard drive, select it, and click open.

That’s it!

Premium Script Price: $1,099.00

Fractal Efficiency Strategy

Fractal Efficiency Strategy Report (Daily Data)

Symbol: URA (Global X Uranium ETF)

Work Time: 12/29/10 – 9/22/17

Total P/L: $187,990.00

Max trade P/L: $48,240.00

Total orders: 139