At Fahy Capital Management, we are active traders and serious investors. We have a lot of passions and nothing satisfies us more than the opportunity to share the results of those passions with others. One such passion is trading system development for the Thinkorswim platform.

We test the living hell out of our systems and agonize over every line of code. After months of real-world testing with real money, the vast majority of our systems are thrown out. Those that survive undergo refinement until we feel confident enough to add them to our permanent stable of in-house trading tools. And that is what you will find published on this website: battle-tested systems that consistently produce results for Fahy Capital Management. We’d like them to produce results for you, too!

About Free Stuff

Sometimes we’ll post free indicator code on the site, but just because it’s free doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t any good. What it does mean is this: it didn’t make us money reliably. So take it, tune it, and make it your own… Maybe something lucky will happen.